Group Technique

The Power of Facilitation

What is a Land Acknowledgement?

The Last Minute

Strategic Planning Basics

How to Lead Meetings

Consensus for endurance

Write on the walls

Coalition membership

Work with energy

Light hand on the tiller

Hear, hear


Clarify, discuss, decide

Zoom Tips and Tools

Group Process Guidelines (Ground Rules) by Larry Dansinger


Zoom Facilitation Links

Zoom Meeting Basics

Shared vision required

Public input in many ways

Decision method right-sized

Brake in advance


Consensus at the core

Loose in the harness

Closing comments

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

Should facilitators make suggestions?

How to call on people

Three times considered

Hot hand

Small goals

How to move forward


Last minute decision making

Consensus doesn’t mean casual

What’s next?

The Why and What of Positive Group Dynamics



Okay to change plans and rules

Six Simple Ground Rules for a Civil Conversation

Measure to manage


Whole Picture in Brief

Objectives, agenda, ground rules

Is it okay to shut someone down?

Direction more important than pace

Ground rules

Decide how to decide

All in – Two votes

Double-check your decision

Carrots are better than sticks

Shared values

Good Meeting Guidelines

Plan, meet, write-up

High School Facilitator

How to Use Microphones for Group Interaction

Define the edges

Straw vote

How to Form a Committee – 5 Essentials

Good Group Tips in the Jury Room

Google Docs for Group Reports

Round Robin

Before and After

Strategic quitting

Informality is cool! Or is it?

Seven Secrets for Successful Meetings

Meeting introductions

Transparent Facilitation

Unique Room Set Up

The Right to Understand

How to get a group to cut down a list

Make Shift Coffee House

How to move on

Move in your meetings

How to have movement in your meeting

Meeting Room First Impressions Matter

If you could have a superpower

Learn a lot fast in the room

Peace and profit come from good group decisions

Table discussion guides

Providing structure provides fairness

Agendas should have times

Use the Screen for Reflecting

How to decide what you don’t decide

Keep your strategic plan off the shelf

Many presentations quick? How to do that!

Take breaks to make more of your meeting

Robert’s Rules of Order – Key Principles Explained

Meeting Guidelines Written

What is a Good Group Decision?

Meeting Room Setup for Max Effectiveness

About my Tips, Videos, and Handouts

Someone Neutral in Charge of the Process

Every Problem Has At Least Two Solutions

Meeting Room Set Up Time-Lapse Video

Say it with a sign

Community Advisory Panels Build Community Bridges

Inspired to Act

Meeting Room Set Up Demonstration Video

Books on Group Decision Making – Recommended List

Agenda and Meeting Tips

How to have an effective meeting – the basics

How to build community – Food!

Strategic Planning Overview

Moderating Panel Discussions

Meeting Planning Steps for Facilitators

Meeting Facilitation Techniques


Group Decision Method – When to Apply Which Method

Group Decision Methods – from Dictatorship to Consensus

Group Decision Making Steps

Ground Rules

Consensus Simple Steps

Characteristics of High Functioning Groups

Characteristics of Good Meeting Facilitators

How to facilitate meetings – Four Essential Functions

How to show the big picture – Use a Handout

How to handle the person who talks too much – Validate and hear from others

How to make decisions in small groups – Mini-Multi-Vote